Edison’s Partnership with an Aftermarket Performance Parts Manufacturer

A trusted supplier of aftermarket performance parts, known for its durable products and commitment to high quality, had a new product launch planned. They were unable to meet production demands internally, so they sought a trusted manufacturing partner.

The supplier valued a partner who could:


Locate dependable suppliers and source all components needed for the new aftermarket product


Bring the new product to market in an efficient manner


Reliably deliver automotive OE-level quality


Help refine the aftermarket product's design to cut future costs

Edison was selected as the aftermarket performance part manufacturer's ideal partner.

As a proven, flexible contract manufacturer partner, Edison was well positioned to meet the aftermarket provider’s needs.


  • Sourced and procured all necessary components
  • Developed an optimal manufacturing process for the product, emphasizing quality while also delivering with speed and flexibility
  • Executed production with flawless quality