Edison’s Collaboration with an Electric Vehicle Manufacturer for Production of Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

A niche electric vehicle manufacturer was transitioning from prototype into production. They needed a trusted manufacturing partner to produce their Power Distribution Unit (PDU).

They valued a manufacturing partner who could:

Go to Market Quickly

Execute in a Reliable Manner

Help Mature the Product Supply Chain

Maintain a Collaborative and Responsive Relationship

Provide Input to Improve Product Design for Manufacturability

The EV manufacturer chose Edison as their preferred manufacturing partner.

Edison had the necessary capabilities and know-how, having executed electromechanical component assembly programs for several other niche electric vehicle applications.


  • Developed an optimal manufacturing process for the product, balancing speed, capital efficiency, and reliability
  • Sourced raw materials and components from a trusted supply chain
  • Executed production, including comprehensive quality reports

Top-Notch Quality Reports

Each unit's assembly involved a serialized quality report, which included:

  • A torque spec checklist to ensure all connections were tightened to the specified values.
  • An ohm-out checklist to verify proper electrical continuity.
  • An installation test of 1000V to confirm electrical safety.
  • A thorough quality inspection to check for defects or inconsistencies.

The OEM’s partnership with Edison resulted in a highly productive manufacturing process, which delivered the PDU components with exceptional quality and efficiency.